Host (photo: Zanzibar, Tanzania ’98)

Over the years Ron has traveled more than 45 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. He stayed in many hostels during his travels and enjoyed meeting travelers from all over the world. Ron studied Engineering and Marketing. He loves cultural studies,sports of all kinds, good laughs, and dreaming of a better world for all.


Hostess (photo: Texas, USA ’06)

Tracee is from the plains of South Dakota near Mount Rushmore. Tracee spent 5 years serving on Mercy Ships traveling around the world serving the needs of poor community as a surgical technician with a medical team. Tracee was with YWAM Minneapolis for a discipleship training school. Tracee’s favorite pet was a goat named Beverly.


Manager (photo: Budapest, Hungary ’13)

Ryan grew up in Missouri but came to Tennessee when he moved away to college. He worked as a photographer and graphic designer in Slovakia prior to making his way to Nashville. Ryan has spent time all over the world, traveling and working across North America, South America, Africa, Australasia, and Europe. The quickest way to his heart is to bring him a hot pie from New Zealand.


Facilities Manager (photo: Burghley, England ’13)

John is from the Great Lakes region of Ohio. He graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Masters of Fine Arts and has taught at SIUC and the University of Akron. John carried his skills into woodworking within Nashville. His passion is experience, learning, teaching, helping, and loving others with an infectious smile.


Manager (photo: Nashville Zoo ’17)

Rachel is a Virginia Beach native beach bum that moved to Nashville in December of 2016. She spends most of her free time finding creative outlets like painting, crafting with bottlecaps and making other home decor. Rachel is an animal enthusiast, artist at heart and an aspiring yogi. She’s pictured with a Palawan Binturong!


Administrative Supervisor (photo: Kunming, China ’12)

Carmen grew up in South America until the age of 13 and moved to the US. She attended North Greenville University to major in Broadcast Media with an emphasis in design. Still longing to travel, she then taught English in South Korea and traveled across Northern Europe. After returning to the States, she found that Nashville was a pretty cool place to live (even if she is not a huge fan of country music).


Facilities Supervisor (photo: Nashville, Tennessee ’13)

Patrick is a singer-songwriter born and raised in north-western New Jersey. He came to Nashville in the summer of 2011 and became part of the hostel staff in April of 2012. He is currently pursuing a career as a solo musician and songwriter in addition to being one of our supervisors.


Supervisor (photo: Fiji)

Freeman is a native of Nashville. Since graduating from college, he has lived in Fiji and visited several states giving lectures on climate change resettlement and sustainability. When not working on issues of justice, Freeman enjoys writing, singing and photography. Above everything else, Freeman is an all around awesome person.


Supervisor (photo: Iceland ’15)

Jeremy is a writer who recently moved to Nashville by way of his hometown near San Francisco. He is an avid traveler, live music-goer, and sports fan who has visited about 25 countries across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. When he’s not at the hostel, you’re most likely to find Jeremy on a kayak, in the crowd for a show, or on the road to his next adventure.


Supervisor (photo: Serengeti, Tanzania ’17)

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Baker packed up her belongings and moved to East Africa to volunteer and help get a nonprofit off of the ground. Although this wasn’t the beginning – or end – of her global travels, this experience cemented Baker’s love of diverse cultures and experiences. Now, you can find her enjoying a good book, laughing with friends, or planning her next getaway.


Senior Staff (photo: Tollwood Festival in Munich, Germany ’15)

Christiana is a singer/songwriter and fiddler, raised in Oregon. She moved to Nashville in 2018. When she’s not playing music she enjoys, running, watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, and traveling the globe. Outside the U.S. Christiana has backpacked through Europe, Africa, and dreams of going to Australia! Also, coconut water is not as tasty as it sounds.


Staff (photo: Seattle, Washington)

Michael is originally from Seattle with a background in the arts and hospitality. He has traveled to and worked in 17 countries, and looks forward to helping you make the most out of your Nashville experience.


Staff (photo: Giverny, France 2016)

In 2016, Mel bought a car and drove from her hometown in the SF Bay Area to Nashville, in pursuit of Just Being Happy. Since then, she has been very happy. On a good day she can be found driving across the country listening to Paul Simon, wandering through forests, eating veggies, reading books, thinking about stuff, and sitting at the front desk of the hostel, smiling and telling guests to go to Frothy Monkey for lunch.


Staff (photo: Indiana, 2013)

Yaa is a free spirit that has traveled independently throughout the world for self growth and for a better perspective of life. When Yaa is not traveling, she is making plans to travel or watching Broad City and eating oatmeal.


International Ambassador (photo: Mt Tongariro, New Zealand ’16)

Alexis was born in Los Angeles and has lived between LA and New Zealand where her family is from and has come to Nashville to follow her dreams. She loves to travel and enjoys new experiences. She also loves to have a good laugh. Alexis believes that the hostel opens you up to new opportunities and invites wonderful, new people into your life.


International Ambassador (photo: Roadtrip to New York, ’17)

Born as a Russian onto Estonian land, Andrei came to America in his quest to become a citizen of the World. He admires intentionality, expressing himself through music, he enjoys philosophy, and loves honest connections. He believes traveling helps one grow inside and out, and that it’s needed for change in the World.